Marina Nautec Mare: how to reach us

The Nautec Marina is located 1 kilometer east of Monfalcone; it can be easily reached via the A4 motorway (exit Monfalcone Est “Lisert”).

The nearest FVG airport is Ronchi dei Legionari / Trieste, around 15 minutes away by car.

The position of the marina and berths is located north of the Adritatic sea in a point easily accessible by car, 1km from the Trieste Lisert exit.

The marina and its services are also just 14 minutes drive from the airport (8.4 km) for those who want to arrive by plane.

Being in the center of Europe, the marina is suitable for those who want to look out over the Mediterranean from Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Slovenia and Croatia.

For those who want to moor in one of the Nautec Mare berths, the coordinates are 45 ° 46.38 ′ N and 013 ° 35.38 ′ E; at the mouth of the canal that leads to the Nautec Mare marina to the left of the promontory dominated by the fascinating castle of Duino, it is marked by poles whose first two have a green / red light.

The depth of the channel at high tide is about 3m; in the navy the depth ranges from 3 to 6 meters.